Our Mission

The mission of the Landmark Society of Genesee County is the preservation, documentation, protection, improvement, restoration, or reproduction of places and objects of historic, cultural, or civic value. These include historically or architecturally significant buildings, as well as landscapes, public spaces, parks, and other natural features.

The Landmark Society of Genesee County has a long history as a collective of Genesee County residents with an interest in preserving our architectural heritage. Starting in 1965, when Catherine Roth and others in our community started our organization, Landmark’s goals have been to shine the spotlight on the importance of what our forbearers left to us. In our 50+ years as an organization we have publicly acknowledged many homeowners, businesses and churches with preservation awards, recognizing their commitment to sustaining the architectural history and character of our community.

The Brisbane Mansion

The Landmark Society hopes to draw attention to this historic building through a one act play portraying key members of the Brisbane family. The focus will be on their place in the history of the City of Batavia from the early 1800s until about 1920. Our hope that these performances, coupled with additional public outreach activities, will educate the public on the value of this building and the need to retain it within the cultural fabric of the community.